May 03, 2011 – Euromoney Conferences

Project Finance and Mega-Projects by H.E. Eng. Mohannad Qudah, Minister of Transport, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

"Euromoney's Jordan Conference provided a great opportunity for debate for ministers, local and overseas investors and project implementers on the important investment issues facing Jordan today." Michael Essex, Senior Adviser to International Finance Corporation and Oliver Wyman and Non-Executive Director, Macquarie Bank India Infra Fund.

The Euromoney Jordan Conference closed on 4 May after two packed days of speeches, presentations and wide-ranging frank debate. We are grateful to our sponsors, speakers and partners - it is they who made this event a success.

In a time of uncertainty and turmoil throughout the MENA region - we were delighted to come to Jordan - a country which has its share of challenges but is an island of stability and pragmatism. This was our first Euromoney conference in Jordan and we were greatly impressed by the quality of the debate, the commitment of the financial sector to wider economic development and the sophistication of the media coverage - including more social media than any conference before.


What was the thematic feel of the conference? We heard such a diversity of views that it is hard to summarise without trivialising. The financial community knows that Jordan must change, that the state must move away from being the primary economic actor to become a facilitator and regulator. Financial markets must liberalise and, as importantly, institutionalise. Capital necessary to provide economic growth and balanced development must be free to flow into sustainably productive investments.

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